Start Affiliate Marketing Business Using the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Here are a few popular platform with awesome tools you can use to start affiliate marketing business, so that you can earn when you sleep, like a passive income and 100% autopilot mode.

Affiliate marketing is perfect side business for everyone, everybody has some habits like “using social media” “writing something part time” and posting on social media platforms. So that you can use your habits for the earning by using affiliate marketing tricks and tools.

You just need to create your account with an affiliate marketing program like amazon affiliate, and clickbank to start promoting their products to get the commission.

Here are a few way you can start your affiliate marketing business with.

  • Email Marketing

Use GetResponse email marketing software free for 30 days, and create a funnel to promote it on social media platforms for the email subscriptions, so that you can send them offers and earn commission.

  • Blogging

If you can create the helpful content just start writing blogs and use affiliate marketing links in between your blog posts. You can use the best SEO tool to rank 1 in search engine results.

  • YouTube Marketing

Create videos and upload on YouTube to engage the people. You can use your affiliate marketing link in video description and tags it into your video so that you can get clicks and get the sells.

You can learn from popular YouTube Marketing Course so that you can grow your YouTube audience faster then normal.

  • Pinterest Marketing

Your one post can make you rich if you create it creatively and helpful by using your affiliate marketing link in your pinterest post, so just start with pinterest, it’s 100% free.

  • Instagram Marketing

Create your Instagram account and start posting helpful content so that you can engage more people with your Instagram account, also use your affiliate marketing link and earn.

You can learn from popular Instagram marketing course so that you can grow your Instagram audience faster then normal.

  • LinkedIn Marketing

You can create your account with LinkedIn to build the the connection wit 30k peoples so that you can send them offer directly by posting on LinkedIn post feed or you can create a LinkedIn page as well as LinkedIn marketing solution.

  • Quora Marketing

Yeh! Quora is one of the best platform for the affiliate marketing business. You can create your Quora account and start answering the questions by using your affiliate marketing tricks so that you can earn 100% passive income for a long time.

Remember, don’t post spam content or all these above platform may ban your account just use these platforms gently and post high value content.

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