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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

This article is about 'fiverr affiliate program review' so that you can understand that you should promote this affiliate program or not.

Yes! you should start promoting fiverr affiliate program because fiverr is a good platforms to start a freelancing career and all the freelancer are happy who joined fiverr platform to start their freelancing career.

Also, You can promote 'fiverr affiliate program' even if you did not promote any affiliate program yet, because it as simple as abcd.

So, It's time to earn from 'Fiverr' and there are some fiverr products and services to promote it as an affiliate marketer.

Fiverr Affiliate Programs

Here are some fiverr affiliate programs to promote.

  • Fiverr CPA

If you promote "Fiverr CPA" you will target the audience who can buy a fiverr service and once he buy a service you will get one time commission from $15 to $150 depending on service he will buy.

  • Fiverr Hybrid

You can promote "Fiverr Hybrid" if you want to earn $10 + 10% revenue for 12 months for every new buyer.

  • AndCo

Fiverr "AndCo" provides very helpful tools for the freelancer that take the freelancing business on autopilot mode and every freelancer want AndCo tools. So, you can promote AndCo to earn 50% for every pro plan subscription.

  • Fiverr Learn

Promote "Fiverr Learn" and earn 30% from every course you sale.

  • Fiverr Business

Promote "Fiverr Business" and get $100 CPA once the account reaches $100 in spent and earn 10% revenue share for 12 months.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review

Here is my personal fiverr affiliate program review so that you can judge if you should start promoting 'fiverr affiliate program' or not.

"I am promoting 'fiverr affiliate program' since Feb 2020 and earning thousands of dollars every month. You can use the separate method to promote a separate 'fiverr affiliate program' like me, just copy my methods to earn more and more money."

Tips to Promote Fiverr Affiliate Program

Use below methods to promote 'fiverr affiliate programs' and earn like me.

  • Method 1: Create a Freelance Blog

You should create a blog related to freelancing tips and help the people to build freelance business so that they engaged with your helpful content and they get motivation from your suggestions.

When the engage with you bring them to fiverr and offer them fiverr services so that you can earn commission.

  • Method 2: Use Pinterest for Free Traffic

The Pinterest is a great platform to drive free traffic to your web pages and provide your affiliate links on your web pages. Please keep in mind the Pinterest privacy policies so that the avoid banning your account.

  • Method 3: Create a YouTube Channel

You must create your YouTube channel to share some helpful tips to run a successful freelancing business so that interested people subscribe your YouTube channel and you can divert them to fiverr platforms through your affiliate links so that you can earn commission.

If you want to earn more then me you can run paid ads according to products and services or you can use email marketing method using my favorite email marketing tool that put your affiliate marketing business on autopilot mode.

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