A Complete Guide to Setup Your Email Marketing Business

Updated: Jan 7

The very first step 'to become a successful email marketer' is to create an account with the best email marketing tool that comes with easy features, cheap pricing, and more.

Here is a complete guide to set up your email marketing business. If you want to know the real power of email marketing business then you must read this post till the end. I will teach you everything you need to set up your own email marketing system so that you can make thousands of dollars every day.

If you already selling something or providing your services online but you are not building an email list of your clients, then you will go to find the new clients every time, whenever you will go to sell your products or services. So, I will describe the solution in this guide, you can hold your client tightly and send your offers to them for a lifetime.

Let's understand the step by step factors of email marketing business.

Benefits to Start Email Marketing

Here are some big benefits to starting an email marketing business.

  1. If you have an email from your previous client you never going to lost him.

  2. You can offer him your other products and related products.

  3. You can remind him to repeat your services or products.

  4. You can ask him to recommend your services or products.

  5. You no need for paid advertising again and again.

  6. It's low-cost marketing.

  7. You can reach a global audience.

  8. Finally, if you have the email, you are the rock.

If you are selling something online then email marketing is very very important for you because it's cheap and easy to engage your audience. Also, you are not going to pay, again and again, for third party systems, like Google ads and Facebook ads. That's why you should start building your own email list right now and standup a million-dollar business for a lifelong potential.

Best Email Marketing Tools

I personally used 20+ email marketing tools from the beginning of my email marketing journey. But, now I am using GetResponse for the same. If you go to try other 20+ email marketing tools like me then why you don't try GetResponse free for 30 days to grow your email list fast.

By the way, here are some other email marketing tools, similar to GetResponse. You also can try these and experience them yourself.

  1. ClickFunnle

  2. GetResponse

  3. MailChimp

  4. MailerLite

  5. Aweber

  6. Sendinblue

  7. ConvertKit

The Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

You need to know the perfect email marketing strategy so that you can get a high ROI for your email marketing campaigns. I will share my personal email marketing strategy and 10+ years of real-life experience so that you can achieve the 94% open rate and the 60% click-through rate for your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing changes a little bit after a few years according to the new trends and customer behaviors. But email marketing is always a key player for any business and winner forever. Why smart people go through email marketing? because it's easy and always the best RIO by the way. If you are going to use a perfect email marketing strategy you can assume to invest $1 and get $50 as a return on investment.

This is amazing, right?

Here is a powerful email marketing strategy you must understand before starting your email marketing business.

Step 1: Understand the Value of Your Product or Service

If you know your product or service very well then you can describe it very well, truth? A good description is the most important part to attract people to buy from you. If your product has value then people love to buy it, so that you need to add as much value to your product as you afford.

Step 2: Find the Right Platform for Paid Promotions

If you don't have an email list or want to collect more emails easily then, this step is important for you. And in this step, you are going to find the right platform like Facebook and Google to promote your product, so that you can get the perfect audience accordingly.

For example; If you want to create awareness and engage the people for your product or service then Facebook is the right platform. If you want to sell your product or service directly one to one then Google is the right platform. Right?

Okey! let me clear it more, if I know the best email marketing service and I want to share this information with my new audience I will go to Facebook to let the interested people know that this is the best email marketing service. They will see my post and be aware that, Oh! this is the best email marketing service, right? If they engage with my post I will retarget them through a similar post.

By the way, you have to understand what you are going to promote and where you have to promote it because every product or service needs a different ad strategy, if you have any confusion then you can contact me personally and I will create a separate ad strategy for your product or service.

Step 3: Use Email Marketing Funnels

The email marketing funnel will rocket your email marketing business because you can send automatic emails using the funnel with decided email copy at the decided time.

You need to spend the time to define your email marketing funnel because the email marketing funnel is the only system that brings more sales for you. If you practice the funnel, you can target the audience according to their segmentations. You can send a different email to both people who open your first email or who didn't open your first email. You can send a different email who buys your product or service and those who did not buy your product or service yet. If you are going to use the funnel, you can decide the gape (1 day or 1 week) to send the next automatic email to the recipient and you can do more than it.

I hope you understand the functionality of the email marketing funnel and realize the importance of funnels in email marketing. It's time to create your email marketing funnel using the GetResponce email marketing tool. Just watch the below video to get a basic idea to understand the power of the email marketing funnel.